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K TOSS has the solution for your entertainment needs. One of the most important decisions you can make for your event is picking the right type of entertainment. K TOSS has the solution for you to fit any budget. With hundreds of weddings and over one thousand total events, K TOSS has the experience to make your event a success!

We have all heard of the big deejay companies who book 10-15 events in one day right? Why is this maybe not such a good thing you might ask? Well for starters, K TOSS only takes one booking per day so that we can concentrate on your event and give you 100% of the attention you and you guests deserve! With K TOSS you deal with one person throughout your whole experience from start to finish. From the first face to face consultation, phone call, meeting or e-mail right up until the end of your event. This is to guarantee that you get the best experience and customer service possible. This ensures that your vision is understood and carried out to the letter! Some companies send out a DJ that found out about your event a day or two before. Again maybe because the company is scrambling to figure out who is going where out of the 15 parties they have booked on that date! You will never get that type of service with K TOSS!

From holiday parties, school dances, weddings, stag n does, graduations, corporate events, charity events, trivia shows and many more! K TOSS has the solution and experience to get the job done! We party like it's our job! Because it is! This is our full time job. Some other companies "do it on the side." We take our job very seriously and provide you with a professional and reliable service each and every time.

Contact K TOSS for a quote for your next event! You will not be disappointed!

K TOSS Entertainment has a positive and reliable reputation in South Western Ontario. We truly believe in giving you overall satisfaction, as a result we experience a high level of referrals from our satisfied clients. We offer a variety of packages to fit any budget. Call, e-mail or message us today for a free consultation!